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Top ten things you need to know about your financial aid.

 We’re all at that point in the semester where there are papers whose deadlines are fast approaching, projects that need to be finished, and tests that need to be studied for. While there is plenty to be stressed about, the knowledge that spring break is just days away is plenty motivation to push us through. However, when we return from those wonderful days of slumber and play, it’s time to plan for the next academic year. The other day I made my annual visit to the Financial Aid Office to check in on what would students would need to know when making arrangements for next year.  

1.      The Judson College code for the FAFSA is 001023.

 2.      The FAFSA deadline for Judson College is July 1st

 3.      The Office of Financial Aid will be requiring work study applications and a resume for next year. These forms have been emailed to you and are also available in the folder on the financial aid board located just outside of the Admissions Office. These new changes are being put in place to make it easier to get a work-study placement. The resumes are also great practice for the job searches that we will all partake in after graduation. On the application you will be able to list your top three job placement choices. The Financial Aid Office may not be able to grant every request, but they will try. If you wish to apply for a work study job you must complete and turn in your FAFSA, the application and your resume by May 1st.

 4.      You have to keep you grades up in order to keep financial aid. Many scholarships and grants have a GPA requirement that you must maintain. Be sure to check on what the requirements are for any financial aid you receive.

 5.      If you apply for outside scholarships pay attention to deadlines which are often in March or April. Be sure to check the financial aid board for some outside scholarship choices. Also be sure to inform Financial Aid of any outside funds you receive.

 6.      Turn in all paperwork promptly.

 7.      Returning students will not be receiving award letters in the mail this summer. You will need to check your CAMS portal for your award information.

 8.      Plus loans must be applied for each year and need to be completed by Aug. 1st. Plus loans may be completed at

 9.      Be sure to check your Judson email for any further instructions and reminders about deadlines.

 10.  If you have any questions about your financial aid contact the Office of Financial Aid at (334) 683-5170. They are also on Facebook at The Financial Aid Office of Judson College. Both people in the Financial Aid Office are Judson Grads. They understand that paying for college can be stressful. They are here to help you navigate the process. If they call you or email you and ask to come by, it’s to help you.

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