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Restoration 2012

Restoration, a week-long community service opportunity hosted by Judson College’s Faith-Based Service and Learning Office, took place from December 12-18.  Judson students chose to stay on campus for the first week of Christmas break to complete various service projects.

This year’s restoration team learned one of the most important lessons when it comes to serving, the importance of small details. Students feel that unless they are doing something rather difficult, then they aren’t really serving. We forget that the big things don’t happen unless there are people in the background handling the little things. As a former Sowing Seeds of Hope intern, I was at times disappointed during my internship because I felt I wasn’t making a big enough difference. One day Susan Jones (Director of Faith-Based Service and Learning) said to me “It’s not about making the world 100 percent better. You’ll kill yourself trying to achieve this. It’s about making the world one percent better.  Focus on that one percent and allow others to do the same.”

This year’s Restoration team was made up of 18 students. One group endeavored to build a wheelchair ramp in Uniontown. They faced technical problems and adverse weather. In the end their efforts produced a functioning ramp and a grateful family. Another group spent their time crafting with students at Albert Turner Sr. Elementary in Marion. Through ornaments, water color paintings and stories, students conveyed some of the more joyful reasons for the season.

A third group spent their time preparing for the Sowing Seeds of Hope Christmas Celebration. They set up materials and decorations at all locations for the event. All groups came together on December 15 to assist in the celebration. From telling the nativity story through stickers and directing children to take pictures with Santa, Judson students assisted in making sure Christmas cheer found its way to Marion. No student felt they were above any tasks, and one even put away her pride to strut her stuff as a jolly elf.

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