Tindale, Gamblin Perform Joint Junior Recital

On January 22 at Judson College, Courtney Tindale and Carly Gamblin performed their junior piano recital in Judson’s Alumnae Auditorium. The dual recital was well attended and featured a variety of selections. Gamblin played selections on the piano and Tindale performed pieces on the piano and the trumpet. Also featured in the program was Dr….


How To Make Second Semester Better Than the First

It’s almost a new year, and it’s also going to be a new college semester. You made all your New Years resolutions about working out and eating right, but how about making resolutions about school? Last semester, you were involved in too much.This can be stressful. Registering for 18 hours on top of being SGA…


Five Overused Resume Phrases

There are certain phrases that can make even the best resumes look bad. You could be the hardest working student in your graduating class, with internships, jobs, and good grades, but with a bad resume, that could go down the drain. Employers may be impressed with you, but one part of your resume can make…

Roommates Candace Paige and Allison Crumbley Know How to Get Along
photo creds: Allison Crumbley

How To Get Along With Your Roommate

If you’re anything like me, when growing up, you dreamed of going to college. Everything about getting away from home and living with hundreds of people your age was enticing. Then you grew up, went to college, and realized that college was more about studying, going to class, and doing homework than just enjoying movies, friends, and…

Disciplines Unite!

[lead]The Science and Education Departments host a joint picnic for all Judson students.[/lead] On Thursday November 20, the annual Science Club picnic took place at Dr. Thomas Wilson’s house. This event was much anticipated since it had been postponed three times; however, the threat of cold and rainy weather forced the picnic to be moved…


Judson Soccer Wins Back to Back!

    Judson’s soccer team experienced the sweet taste of victory when they beat Huntingdon College’s team 2-0 on Thursday, September 11. Juniors, Mary Milliron and Kelly Stephens, scored the goals and were assisted by senior, Breelle Hunter. This was a very exciting win for the ladies, since it was their third game of this…

dickensian dinner image2

A Dickensian Dinner

[lead]A fundraiser for the English Club[/lead] On November 15, the Judson College English Club held a Dickensian dinner as a fundraiser for the English Club. At this event, over 60 people attended. The majority of the attendees were Judson College students, faculty, and staff. [pullquote]“I was very impressed with the dinner. The food and the…

Christina Blain’s Piano Recital

[lead]All thought that it was a marvelous performance[/lead] On November 20, Christina Blain performed her junior recital at The Thomas Choral and Recital Room. Over 50 people attended her recital and all thought it was a marvelous performance. The audience consisted of Judson students, family members, faculty, and staff. Christina Blain was born and raised…


Fall Ball 2014

On November 14, Judson's Student Government Association (SGA) hosted the 2014 Fall Ball. This is the second year of the Fall Ball, and it was a big success, just like it was last year. The theme for this year's Fall Ball was a carnival theme minus the clowns because some people are terrified of clowns….


Useful Study Tools

With the technology available to us in this day and age we have many resources at our fingertips. Two useful apps that you can use on your iPhone or Android products are Khan Academy and Quizlet.The apps are free of cost. Khan Academy is widely known for its mathematics and science databases. However, it does…

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