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Scrimshaw Staff Update

          The staff for this year’s Scrimshaw is a selection from all every class, who will work together to make this year the very best so far. On our literary side, there are poetry, non-fiction, and fiction sections. The youngest member of our staff is poetry staff member is Gabriele Barton. She is a freshman who does blackout poetry, an innovative new style done with books, permanent markers, and creativity. The Head of Poetry is fourth year senior Carli Ludlow, an old hand at Scrimshaw’s poetry. Heading up the Fiction section is Melinda Mahaffey, a fourth year senior set on becoming a novelist. Then, Head of Non-Fiction is junior-soph Amber Griffith, a student aimed at pre-law.

            Now, for the new positions offered up for the students and by the students in the Scrimshaw this year. The Head of Music is Christina Blain, a music major determined to make this year’s music section amazing. Our newest position is the Head of Publication; this position was created to have someone highlight all that Scrimshaw does and will do in the coming months. So, from now on, the voice of Daniella Herndon (a fourth year senior with a love for comic books and the library) will be the voice of the Scrimshaw’s news and updates. She will also helping with the newest campaign in Scrimshaw archives, and more information about that will be coming later.

            Finally, the position everyone has been waiting to find out: the Assistant Editor for the Scrimshaw. It is the third year senior Alexandra Haynes; she has previously worked for Scrimshaw and has a strong writing background as a winner of National Novel Writing Month. As Editor, I am proud to stand by my staff and my Assistant Editor: together we will make this year even better than last year.

 Liz Bosarge

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Rebecca Case, Madame Editor

The Editor of Scrimshaw –or as she prefers Madame Editor—is Ms. Rebecca Case for the 2013 release of the publication. She is ambitiously pursuing a double major in Art and English with minors in Business and Web Design.  This is quite a wallop for an editor. Rebecca is dedicated to her life here at Judson as a member of several clubs: Art, Business, English, Quiz Bowl, SGA, and Spanish. She stays busy here on campus, and one may often find her in the Bessie Mead art building hard at work. It is her hope to become involved in the production side of the burgeoning video game industry. While there was an interruption in her time at Judson College, she has spared no time in getting her bearing back and charging ahead.

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A Different Shade of Art Director

The Art Director for our upcoming 2013 publication of Scrimshaw is Ms. Haley Hester. She is one our finest Art majors and soon-to-be web design minors; her main emphasis is Graphic Design. It is her ambition to work in Orlando, Florida pursuing a career in Graphic Arts. This lovely art character spends a great deal of her time working in Bessie Mead Hall on her lively projects. One such project was her life-sized mousetrap –for humans –that she put herself in for the presentation. Another of her fascinating art projects was her R2D2 costume, which she designed out of cardboard, that she wore with her other Star Wars buddies. Those are just some ways that she is involved with her art. An interesting thing about Haley is that she is a color blind artist. She can see colors, but not necessarily the same ways that everyone else can, which certainly makes her work a little harder. When she is not taking trips with the Art Club, she is relaxing with her favorite sports team, playing on her computer, or hanging out with her fellow Parrots.

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The Venerable Ms. Anne Kirtley

The founder of the Scrimshaw Club, Ms. Anne Kirtley, is an incredible and mysterious figure in Judson's history. She encouraged her students to write and helped bring the Scrimshander (as it was then called) to great success. What greater sense of accomplishment comes from any student than saying, "I have been published!" to her family and friends? Ms. Kirtley gave this to her students and more year after year. In fact, it was this lovely lady's wish to have the Scrimshanderprinted almost as often as the beloved Triangle. When we lost her, there was a true loss of spirit on campus and we later lost the Scrimshanderwith that spirit.

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