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National: Breaking National News & Headlines - Washington Post

Top Stories from The Washington Post
National: Breaking National News & Headlines - Washington Post
  1. Cliven Bundy wonders if black people were “better off as slaves”

    Oh boy. Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who has drawn a lot of attention recently for his longtime refusal to pay grazing fees (and because his cause drew the support of an armed militia), was profiled in the New York Times on Thursday. That meant a New York Times reporter was there to hear Bundy say this:

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  2. The Fix: Stephen Colbert explains America’s lime shortage (VIDEO)

    "Move over blood oranges, there is a new conflict citrus."

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  3. Monkey Cage: How wealthy campaign donors may reduce political polarization and weaken the tea party

    This is the second of two guest posts by Stanford political scientist Adam Bonica and lawyer Jenny Shen about the recent McCutcheon v. FEC decision. Their first post is here.

    In our previous post, we addressed why and how much the McCutcheon decision matters. Now we analyze who stands to benefit the most.

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  4. She The People: Honoring beauty of Lupita Nyong’o is fine but what’s next for her and other ‘dark girls’

    It’s fitting that the journey of Lupita Nyong’o has come full circle. In her widely seen and admired speech at the annual Black Women in Hollywood luncheon earlier this year, she told her story of feeling “un-beautiful” until images such as model Alek Wek, actress Whoopi Goldberg and icon Oprah Winfrey filled the screen and the scene. Their success helped the lessons of Nyong’o’s mother who valued her daughter’s inner and outer worth finally sink in.

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  5. Innovations: Why the world needs a lot more traffic lights

    While roads are everywhere in the world, we can’t say the same of traffic lights. This leads to chaotic intersections, car crashes and lost productivity as driver sit in traffic. We don’t even need hulking robots or fancy signals to fix this problem, basic traffic lights would do. Here are some wild videos of what life is like with few or no traffic lights.

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