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Top Stories from The Washington Post
National: Breaking National News & Headlines - Washington Post
  1. Volokh Conspiracy: Will hasn’t persuaded me that Hugo Black was a “great” Justice

    Co-blogger Will wrote yesterday, “Last week I nominated Justice Hugo Black as an ‘all time great’ justice on account of his ‘historical significance and legal ability.’ Co-blogger David Bernstein has questioned Black’s greatness a couple of times, so I thought I’d offer a brief explanation.” Will then proceeded to enumerate some of the important precedents Black wrote, and some of the doctrines he invented or helped cement.

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  2. Federal Eye: Feds talk: What are their top priorities for workplace changes?

    Does the civil-service system operate like a “relic of a bygone era”? That’s how a prominent good-government group described it this month in a controversial report calling for an overhaul of the workforce structure.

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  3. Strauss: Even the strongest relationships sour

    Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana, and John White, Louisiana’s education commissioner, were once a great school reform pair -- seemingly inseparable. Times have changed.

    In early 2011, Jindal tapped White, then the superintendent of the Recovery School District in New Orleans, to become education chief in Louisiana and the state Board of Education approved the choice. At the time, Jindal said in a statement:

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  4. Obama to challenge private companies to boost solar power use

    President Obama will challenge companies Thursday to expand their use of solar power, part of his ongoing effort to leverage the power of his office to achieve goals that have been stymied by Congress. The new initiative comes as the White House is hosting a Solar Summit aimed at highlighting successful efforts on the local level to speed the deployment of solar energy.

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  5. Trait by trait, plant scientists swiftly weed out bad seeds through marker-assisted breeding

    Alan Krivanek, a tomato breeder for Monsanto, dons a white protective suit, wipes his feet on a mat of disinfectant and enters a greenhouse to survey 80,000 seedlings. He is armed with a spreadsheet that will tell him which ones are likely to resist a slew of diseases. The rest he will discard.

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