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Employee Recognition Convocation

Soft music played at the Judson College chapel on October 6th as more than just the usual Judsonites assembled for their weekly chapel service.  Also gathered there were family members of the faculty and staff who would be honored at the annual Employee Recognition Convocation. 

Praise and prayer where led by Mary Amelia Taylor and Dr. Hal Arnold. Followed by some announcements and remarks by Judson College President, Dr. David Potts. He started by speaking on why students were gathered and shared that the people being honored had over 120 years of service collectivity. He then shared a few words of wisdom to the students about the virtues of work. “Find things for your hands to do that are constructive and uplifting.” Potts said before sharing an antidote about attitude and how a person sees their work.

Faculty and staff are recognized in five year increments. This year there where representatives for five, ten, twenty-five, and forty years of service and investment in Christian higher education. As each employee was recognized Dr. Potts presented them with a gift and their families were invited to stand.

Being recognized for five years were: Marsha Ford, Charles Flaherty, Elizabeth Huey, and Susan Jones. 

Recognized for ten years were:James Huey and Michael Russell

Recognized for 25 years of service were: Eleanor Drake and Lee Andrew Mims

Finally recognized for 40 years of education Judson students was Biology professor Dr. Thomas Wilson. 

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Happenings in the Library

Bowling Library has been a busy place this semester. Dr. Washburn, Mrs. Vanessa, and I have answered a lot of reference questions, and a good many life questions. Sometimes, after a particularly long day, I will go home marveling at the beauty of the Judson women I serve. We in the library see your potential as it becomes reality. It truly is a privilege for us to serve you.

Please take a second to read about some of the happenings in the library.


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