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The Art Department at Judson College can be classified as a different breed from other academic departments. The classes are significantly longer (5 hours a week in most cases!), and there is a tremendous amount of homework, so much so that this can dismay the unassuming freshman. Students gather and rejoice at Taco Bell trips, movies and the simple happiness of witnessing someone slip in some humor while working on their piece. Music is always present, whether it’s in the echoing tempo of club or the soundtrack from Les Misérables. Art majors are a delightful bunch who are never without the aforementioned homework or support from their fellow artists. Late nights are weekly, and British accents are encouraged! The sugary and highly caffeinated Mountain Dew is always in stock, and running out results in an immediate trip to the nearest store to purchase more. If you listen carefully, the call of the Wookie echos down the corridor as the Court of Madame Bessie holds a gathering in sad remembrance of the previous King Jana and Queen Katlin, our most recent graduates. Sanities and egos should be left at the door, but laughter is always welcome.

As an art student with questionable sanity tackling four art courses - Drawing I, Markup Languages II (technically not an art course, but the art professor teaches it!), Graphic Design: Typography and History of Photography - each provide their own challenge that is unlike most other classes. While homework questions come in the form of “what do we have to do?” and simple critiques may change the entirety of your project, the art/web classes provide something that the other courses cannot - acceptance. Acceptance that you actually may be good at drawing in charcoal, that your html or actionscripting code is superior to all (ah-ha!), and that glancing through a magazine cannot be complete without the cognitive ability to question its layout and font choice. Projects require (this, to non-art majors, is never optional) ten to fifteen hours (often more).  Students need to develop a form of time management or the result will be little sleep or coffee doused in enough French Vanilla that the coffee becomes the complimenting extra, not the flavor. To be an art student is many things; to be an excellent art student is another.

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Judson College is about “women, faith, and knowledge.” To that end, the Music Department, a department within the Division of Fine and Performing Arts, incorporates into all that we do a recognition and commitment to the college’s Mission Statement and Core Values. That commitment cannot be overstated and bears repetition. The faculty of the Music Department continually seeks to better interpret how the college’s vision and mission can be incorporated into the academic curriculum. Our commitment to a Christian higher education in music prepares you, the student, to integrate your faith into your profession. Within the context of a liberal arts curriculum, the Music Department provides opportunities for students who either major or minor in music to develop their skills and knowledge through a wide range of courses, including musicianship and the history of music, private lessons that culminate in a solo recital experience or other public performances, and large and small performing ensembles.

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